December 3, 2023
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Casino Poker Chips – 6 Things You Should Know

#1 – Casino Poker Chips Available In Three Types Only

Poker chips can be made from many different materials. The main Las Vegas manufacturers use three types of poker chips. They measure approximately 1-1/2 inches in size, but their weights vary due to the composite design and the intensity of the dyes.

#2: Clay Chips aren’t used – Clay Composite is Popular

Many people visiting Atlantic City and Las Vegas are shocked to learn that clay chips are not used. The clay chips were introduced in the late nineteenth century and broke down quickly. It is now a clay composite containing many high-impact and durable polymers. Ceramic chips are also very popular.

#3 – Designs and colors are casino-specific

While the casino that they represent may have different designs or colors, the weight variance will not exceed ten grams. What is it about ceramic chips that makes them so unique? It is a solid chip, not the combination of a chip and an inlay used by casinos. They are much stronger and more durable than traditional casino chips and are very difficult to counterfeit.

#4 – Flamingo Casino Las Vegas – First to Use Clay Composite Die Cut Metal For Chips

When the Flamingo casino opened, clay composite chips were used with a design made in die-cut metal foil. The casino poker chips were changed to include logos and house designs in the 1950s. Today’s chips are often metal or coin-like, with outer edges made of plastic. Today’s casino chips are identifiable and unique to the house where they belong and are copyrighted.

#5: Many Choices for Casino Chips for Home Play

There are many options for people who want to buy home-use chipsets. Composite metal core chips are very durable. They are made of a metal core surrounded by plastic. You can personalize them with a hot stamp or decal. They look and feel very similar to the Vegas chips visit the official website.

They are mostly made in Taiwan and may be of different quality. Before you purchase them, ask for a sample. Because of their poorer quality control methods, Chinese chips are often lower quality than Taiwanese chips. They are very similar in price.

#6: Plastic Chips Are A Cheap Alternative Good For Homeplay

Plastic chips are the best option for those who are just starting to explore poker but don’t want an investment. They can be purchased almost anywhere. You can find them in discount stores and heavier chips that weigh up to 7 grams.

They are more fragile than regular casino poker chips and harder to stack. You can take your chips home from any casino and use them at home to invest in quality. They will not lose value and can be returned every time you visit.

You should now be better equipped to make an informed decision about the type of poker chips you wish to purchase.

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