July 15, 2024
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James Cameron’s Avatar Treasures of Pandora

The other slot in this series is focused on the aggressive aspects of the film, while the one here is more concerned with spiritual and environmental issues. This multiplay, 2-up game has 5 reels and 45 pay lines. Base games can be stacked vertically, with separate reels and 243 chances to win. The max wager is 360 credits. There are 7,776 possible ways to win with vertical base games. The first version was a penny game, though plans exist for bigger denominations.

Like in The Sacred Bond, players can log in to the game to resume their progress. It is particularly useful due to the many unlockable and playable characters. You can adjust the music to your liking and save progress so you don’t have to change it each time.

This machine offers three bonus features and a standard assortment of scatter and wild symbols. Below is a list of each one.

Willow Glade Promotion

Touch the screen to locate the seeds from the sacred tree. Each selection reveals different symbols. Some offer bonus multipliers while others give credits which can then be applied to the multiplier. Avoid the fan lizard symbol because it will reveal three of the results during the bonus round.

Banshee Match Bonus

Six chances are available to match the Na’vi with the correct banshee. You’ll get bonus credits if you pick correctly while the Na’vi warrior rides off on their winged horse—the round ends when all choices have been made.

Pandoran Night Free Games Bonus

Five free spins are given to the player; then, the screens merge for more than 7,700 winning combinations. Additional games can be won during this phase.

What Did You Know About Avatar? Some Interesting Facts about Avatar

  • Try these trivialities next time you sit at the Avatar slots machine or with sci-fi geek friends.
  • James Cameron chose Sam Worthington to play the role of Sam Worthington because he is a relative unknown in Australia. Matt Damon and Jake Gyllenhaal were the first choices of the studio.
  • Avatar was completed in four years, from pre-production through release.
  • After Titanic’s success in 1997, this was the second James Cameron movie to earn $1 billion.
  • The Indian term “Avatar,” which means “those who descend,” also refers to “incarnation” (Sanskrit).
  • Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, and others auditioned to play the part of Sully. Pine later called it his worst audition.
  • James Cameron was inspired to make Avatar by the 1995 Disney movie Pocahontas.
  • Only two Pandorans, Na’vi and the human have six legs.
  • Sam Worthington needed to learn the film’s title or who the director was when he auditioned to play the role of Sully. Worthington had not been called to audition for the role of Sully and was feeling “pissed off.” Worthington also lived in his car at that time.
  • James Cameron had a nail gun at his disposal. He would always use his nail gun to nail down the phone that rang during filming.
  • According to Jake’s logs, the movie’s events occur over 96 days.
  • James Cameron sent his cast to Hawaii to get an idea of jungle life. The cast hiked in the wild and lived as tribesmen but stayed at luxury hotels for the night.


아바타배팅 achieved huge success at the box office, while its adaptations to slot machines have received praise from customers and industry professionals. While each game in the series is focused on an aspect of the movie, all games include the familiar sights of Pandora’s fauna and flora and the Na’vi. IGT has proven why they are the world’s leader in slot machine manufacturing. Players can look forward to seeing new versions as the movie’s sequel progresses.

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