July 15, 2024
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The “WHY” of How To Start a Business

Many people ask how to start a business. Why? It is because many people dream of owning their own business. This could have been something that they’ve wanted to do since childhood or something they were exposed to in school. Or it could be something that happened to them while working for someone else. Whatever the reason, knowing how to start a company is important.

Before you start a business, there are three fundamental philosophical questions that you need to answer. These questions can be broken down into smaller questions, but we will only focus on the fundamentals. These are:

1. Operation

2. Motivation

3. The Culmination

The Operation is the first. This is the most fundamental and obvious question. What is the business? Although this may seem basic, it is essential. Many people plan to start a company. Many people want to start businesses because they can make much money. Some people like to start their own business because it is something they enjoy.

Although they may seem like good answers to the first question. Not at all. Why? While making money is a great benefit, it doesn’t guarantee a good life. While doing something you love can benefit you, it won’t ensure an income. This is the most fundamental question.

Millions have made the mistake of making money in boring, monotonous businesses. You will be bitter if you make a living out of making money in something you don’t care about or dislike. You may have the money, but you won’t enjoy making it.

Running a business that you love but need to pay the bills is a waste of time. Have you ever met someone who did this? I know. Because they enjoy running a business, they struggle to stay in it. They mistakenly think a company is a hobby. One makes money; the other is just for fun.

This is the most fundamental question. It should be a business that you truly care about and enjoy. And it should have the potential to make good money. It may be the right business choice if it has both qualities.

Motivation is the second question to ask when trying to figure out how to start your own business. Why are you doing this?

To put it another way, what would you say if you were to sum up why you are in debt, working tirelessly, taking away your time, and being a major contributor to your financial problems? This is a crucial step that must be noticed. If you are passionate about the subject and your business has a track record in making money, you will be able to address the why of the venture. This will help you answer many of the potential questions that may arise down the road.

Are you looking to make a difference in the world? What about your industry? Can the business meet the needs of the people you care deeply about? Is it able to improve the quality of life or increase effectiveness?

No matter the motivation, it must be something you are passionate about. It should be you at the core. This concept goes beyond simply enjoying your business. It’s more about the inner motivation that drives you forward. It is the core of what the company is all about.

It could be a good choice if the business you are considering is something you love, something that earns money, and something that fills you with ideas and plans for how it can make a difference in the world.

There is another thing to be aware of.

The C culmination.

Your business’s culmination is the top, the highest point, or the “future.” It is simply a question: Where is the company going?”

One person may be passionate about the newspaper industry. They might love to write or edit. They might love to write and edit. They may be interested in a field with high newspaper subscriptions. However, anyone considering starting a newspaper now would likely ignore the final step.

It doesn’t require a research team for the industry to be able to see where it is headed. It is not up. It’s away.

A newspaper franchise was a promising venture that could generate much income. It was possible to start a newspaper franchise over 40 years ago. It’s not true anymore. This might have been a good goal in the past, but it is now a disaster.

To find the perfect business, it is important to look at the future and ask the simple question: Where is the industry going? Although no one can predict the future or determine if an enterprise will be around, we can make educated guesses about the likelihood that our profitability will increase.

Some businesses are always able to retain their appeal or fade away. Others, however, seem to last only a decade. But most companies experience a “peak.” They will have a time when they produce more and have a greater impact than any other period.

It is up to you to decide with certainty when it is. It could be in five years, two decades, or impossible to predict.

These are the most fundamental steps to take, and answering these questions clearly will save you time, money, and heartache when searching for the right business. This is where you start to learn how to set up a business. After completing these initial steps, it’s time to get into more detail about tax implications and business entity structures.

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